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Having a taste for Chicken

Having a taste for Chicken

With the ever increasing demand on farmers for protein sources, the Riverina has become a hub for Chicken farming.

What started in the region as family owned poultry farms has grown over the years to now house one of Australia’s largest producers. With this comes opportunity for local farmers to grow their own businesses and establish themselves with state of the art growing facilities.

Irribiz have been involved with several of these projects and are now working on a new Poultry farm development in Tabbita, a short drive North West of Griffith. With local irrigation channels providing ample water to fill the dams, Irribiz are being employed to develop the systems required to move and treat the water ready for stock usage.

This is an exciting time in Griffith and the surrounding regions, with increased activity in different markets providing greater stability in the local economy.

We look forward to bringing you further news of the projects as they arise.