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Kyndalyn Park Pump Station Completion

Kyndalyn Park Pump Station Completion

Select Harvests (SHV) is Australia’s largest vertically integrated nut and health food company with core capabilities across: Horticulture, Orchard Management, Processing, Sales and Marketing. These capabilities enable them to benefit throughout the value chain.

Select Harvests are one of Australia’s largest almond growers and the country’s leading manufacturer, processor and marketer of nut products, health snacks and muesli to the Australian retail and industrial markets, in addition to exporting almonds globally.

Irribiz commenced work on Select Harvests Kyndalyn Park farm pump station upgrade in May 2015 and were keen to undertake the project due to a number of technological advances that were employed. The main improvement was the use of space and cost saving vertical end suction pumps from Grundfos as well as the new Omega screen filters from Amiad.

The main advantages from using this pump and filter configuration was in their efficiencies, and the overall power savings and automation integration gained over the existing pump station. Another major benefit for this configuration was the total area required to house the system, around 30-40% less than traditional pump and filter configurations.

Irribiz also installed its new Pump station control platform that is housed on a 20 foot insulated and air conditioned control room. The room house’s all of the electrical equipment and has automatic temperature control to ensure that the equipment runs at its optimum. The system comes with a HMI (Human Machine Interface) which visually shows the operator what is going on in the pump station, along with historical trending and alarms for the operators to carefully manage the system. The HMI is connected with Select Harvests local head office, which allows IT management of the system for management reports etc, as well as technical support via the web for the Irribiz technicians.

Operators now say that undertaking their irrigation job is a lot easier based on the new system. “It runs fully automated during irrigation cycles with no problems and even though the pumps are running at 4 pole speeds, are very quiet compared to a traditional end suction pump”.

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