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A New Look for Bunargool (Mendook)


In 2015, Irribiz were approached by Select Harvests to consult in design and later tender on Mendook, a newly acquired brownfield site on the Murray River at Robinvale, in Victoria’s North West.

This project focused on retrofitting an existing system to suit a new MWH designed pump station. Irribiz worked closely with both the client and designers to further develop the efficiencies in accordance with customer specifications and current best industry practices.

Using the same design idea as the Kyndalyn Park Pump Station, the Mendook system utilises the successful Grundfos PACO KPV’s used to reduce footprint size and maximise efficiencies to suit the customer’s needs.


The Grundfos pumps reside in a concrete bunker on the Murrays bank, built to withstand 1956 flood level. This location helps to reduce the suction lift on the pumps, again increasing efficiency. These pumps are driven by WEG 22 E3 335kw 6 Pole motors.

Perched atop of the bunker is a climate controlled electrical control room. The control room had been pre-built in our manufacturing depot in Griffith NSW before being delivered to site. This houses the necessary monitoring and controls systems for the pumps. The room was designed and built by our IBIS Controls division of ICI Industries, and maintains high industry standards.

During the construction phase, an existing channel which fed the removed pump station was backfilled. This change delivered a positive outcome for the local government bodies – removing an environmental headache in the area.

Provisions have been made for an additional 4th pump for when the current demand is exceeded as well as allowing for future expansion to the Almond development.


This system feeds two 710mm rising mains, which extend 4.9km to Select Harvests Bunargool Farm. There is a future pipeline (for a fourth pump) to go to another development 2.2km away. A considerable 900 litres per second (lps) can be exerted through the poly pipes with an additional 300lps available with the provisioned 4th pump setup.

Up to 1200lps will be delivered through CB Stainless manifolds and fittings, custom built for this project in our Griffith manufacturing depot. CB Stainless is a division of ICI Industries.

The Verdict

Henry Bosman, National Sales Manager of Irribiz sums the project up.

“Both the client and Irribiz are extremely happy with the outcome. The level of detail added during consultation in the design phase has proven to carry through to the final product. This is something we are extremely proud of.”