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Pool Filtration

Pool filters, whether it be media, cartridge or other, only have a limited life span. For media filters it is usually about 8-9 years if you are using zeolite or glass and about 6-7 yeas for sand, before you need to change media. Cartridge filters usually last about 2-3 years, a little less in harsh country environments.

This means looking after your filtration is important as it directly affects the quality of water you swim in. Newer filtration increases the efficiency of the pump costing you less and also increases circulation in the pool to distribute sanitisers and heat more thoroughly.

The team at Irribiz are here to ensure you find the right solution to your pool needs.

  • Media Filters – for use with Zeolite, Glass and Sand
  • Cartridge Filters
  • Multi Cyclones (Pre Filtration)

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