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Giofrelle – Robinvale

Project description

Works began late in 2014 on the Mainline Upgrade, where construction of the River Pump Station in March 2015.

Mechanical - Pump Station

  • 3 new Botescrew FWF angle application pumps coupled with 300kw motors and 1411 columns on all 3 pumps (for future expansion if required};
    - Pump 1 (for farm 1), direct pumping from the river -180 l/s at 82m
    - Pump 2 (for farm 2 and 3), pumping into a dam from the river- 300 l/s at 40.5m
    - Pump 3 (for farm 2 and 3), pumping into a dam from the river - 300 l/s at 40.5m
  • All new infrastructure will be installed on 300mm steel piers filled with reinforced mesh and concrete;
  • Jockey pump for farm 1 - delivery 25 l/s
  • Stainless steel pipe, valves, common manifold and doglegs to connect up to 2 new mainline (450mm and 800mm Poly pipes)
  • The pump thrust bearings and electric motors were above 1956 flood level

Materials - Mainline Upgrade

  • 800mm poly PE100 PN6.3 from the river Pump Station to the farm boundary along the river flat
  • 450m poly PE100 PN10 From the river Pump Station to the farm boundary along the river flat
  • The 450mm poly pipe will be connected into the existing (PVC) pipelines going to farm 1
  • The 800mm pipe will be connected into an existing 375mm (PVC) pipeline feeding farm 2 (dam l) as well as a new 575mm pipeline feeding farm 3
  • 575mm poly PVC PN6 pipe from the 800mm poly pipe to dam 2 -running through farm 1, along the eastern boundary of farm 2 and into farm 3 (dam 2).
    - A new 600mm water meter from LMW c/w all connections for installation.
    - 2 road crossings (under bored, Murray Valley Highway and Robinvale-Sea Lake Road)
  • Dam fill point is 630mm PE100 PN6.3  installed over the dam wall 

Project details

Works began in late 2014 on the mainline upgrade and in March 2015 on the the River Pump for the Murray Valley Hwy Farm just south of Robinvale.

Rocky Giofrelle Appreciate

Post Completion

During Construction

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