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Websters – Avondale West Walnuts

Project description

Water is supplied by the Wah Wah Channel roughly one kilometre away, and is transferred using three electric and one diesel Batescrew turbine pumps. Water is transferred through a 710mm rising main poly pipeline to the 800 megalitre dam.

From the dam, water is pressurised, filtered and delivered out to the quarters using some of the most technologically advanced systems available in the market including the following

  • 10 x Grundfos pumps c/w 132kw 6 pole Teco motors
  • 6 x Amiad Omega 130 micro fully automatic screen filters
  • Ibis Control’s electric control system designed and built in conjunction with I2R
    • All motor starters are Variable speed drives c/w low harmonic filters
  • From the pump station the pressurised water is delivered to each quarter via 4 individual mainlines c/w
    • Individual water meters and
    • Fertigation systems that all integrated back into the automation system
  • Prior to each irrigation block there are backup filters (automatic Amiad sigma screen filters) and pressure reducing valves
  • Netafim Dripnet dripline delivering the filtered water to the walnut trees
  • All Irrigation control systems used to managed the Irrigation are AM Irrinet radio control systems

Project details

Irribiz Involvement

  • Avondale West development consists of 876 ha (planted) in total and is divided into quarters developed by Irribiz over 3 years
    • 220ha – 2014
    • 440ha – 2015
    • 216ha – 2016
  • Pump Station on Wah Wah Supply Channel completed with a 710mm Rising mainline back to Dam
  • Dam pump station completed with
    • Electrical and automation equipment
    • 2 x 180l/s pumps
    • 2 x Omega 2E filters
    • Stainless Steel Mainfolding
December 10, 2014 Walnuts Australia Appreciate
Pumps Shed with room for expansion
Electric Batescrew Pump
Container House Controls
Main Line to farm dam
Amiad Filtration
Grundfos/TECO Pressure Pump Combination
Irribiz Installation and Service Team
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