Meet Our Team

Henry Bosman
National Sales Manager

Stephen Sargent
Operations Manager

John Rourke
Technical Sales Manager

Vernon Green
Engineering Manager

Jody Leembruggen
Irrigation Project Sales

Wayne Salvestro
Electrical Technical Manager

Therese Cudmore
National Projects Team Administrator

Shayne Parsons
National Irrigation Design Manager

Vince Centofanti
Electrical Construction Facilitator

Justin Brennan
Technical Sales Support

David Busnello
Project Coordinator

Grant Gyles
Project Manager

David Heffer
Project Manager

Brendon Stewart
Site Manager

Bob Mares
Site Manager

Alex Vosloo
Site Manager

Craig Woolnough
Electrical & Communications Technician

Rene Hersbach
Project Designer

Malcolm Rule
Design Draftsperson

Mazdak Khezrinezhad
Irrigation Designer

Margarita Day
Administration and Project Officer

Jennifer Verri
Receptionist and Project Administation
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