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A Custom Growing System to Suit Your Needs

One of the great advantages of growing in a greenhouse is the ability to support, irrigate, drain and structure the plants in a uniform fashion, which promotes both higher yields and higher labour efficiencies. 

Growing systems are the gutters, hangers and crop supports that allow all these physical requirements to be optimised. A growing system is very dependent on the crop.
It is important to note that all of our gutters are customised for individual growing systems as a means to meet your specific and often unique requirements.

Gutter Hanging Solutions for Your Greenhouse
Crop wires and hoisting systems are used to support the weight of the plant within the greenhouse structure. The designs for such systems should also be geared so that efficiency optimisation of plant and fruit production takes place while simultaneously helping to lower expenditure, such as labour costs.

Irribiz can practically bend up anything for the purpose of precision horticulture. We have a wide range of wire components in stock, and together with our factory facilities, we are ready to custom build absolutely anything to meet your specific requirements.
  • Onsite gutter roll forming machine available throughout Australia.
  • Various profile designs to suit your crop, substrate and preference.
  • Galvanised steel with an epoxy primer and polyester coating.
  • Reduce energy and water costs.


Plastic Hydro Gutters
Irribiz' hydro plastic guttering are a great economical option for those who intend to farm hydroponically upon the ground. The system is a cheap alternative to metal gutters and is perfectly suited to entry-level and low tech growers. In terms of the dimensions of this gutter, together with required accessories, this can all be custom designed in line with the client’s particular requirements. The gutters are used in the same manner as steel gutters but are also lighter requiring less structure around them for stability.
Steel Hydro Gutter Solutions
Steel gutters are rolled on-site with a transportable roll-forming machine. In this way, gutters can be produced in one continuous run to the entire length of the row. One of the greatest benefits of having a continuous-length gutter is that there are no seams where water leaks, corrosion or water stagnation can occur. Steel gutters are strong, and because of this, they can span greenhouse bays of up to five meters. This enables the gutter to be hung from the greenhouse roof structure at intervals equal to the bay width.
Various cross sectional profiles are available depending on the crop type, growing media and grower preferences. Several different support methods can be used, but the most common are wire cradles and hangers that hold the gutter from the greenhouse truss and provide an even fall, so water is always moving in the drainage channels.
Brackets are provided at the ends of the hanging gutters, while at the lower end, a drainage collection system is incorporated allowing all drain water to be successfully removed from the greenhouse and recycled.

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Hydro Pot Gutters
Pot gutters are a very useful growing system in the flower industry. They are most commonly found among growers of roses, gerberas, and anthuriums.
A pot gutter system incorporates a drainage channel, irrigation hose, heating pipe support and the place-holders for various size pots. Perfect to increase the stability of the pots whilst at the same time ensuring delivery of nutrients to the plant can be controlled and waste water collected.
After irrigation, pot gutters drainage channels collect the excess water and deliver it to the recycling system.
Dry Hydroponics
Dry hydroponics is suitable for short-cycle crops, such as lettuce, herbs and flowers. In cultivation ponds filled with nutrient rich water, the crops grow in crop-holders placed on floats. This patented design allows crops to acquire sufficient amounts of water, light, nutrients, COand oxygen at all times. The crops grow in a natural way without necessary human intervention.

Dry hydroponics distinguishes the overground part of the crop between the underground parts. The design provides an airy and light environment for the overground part – an ideal micro-climate for the development of strong and healthy leaves. For the underground part of the plant, generous amounts of water and oxygen are always available. Furthermore, the insulating effect of the floats and the generous amounts of available water not only provides an optimal cultivation climate, but also makes dry hydroponics a particularly reliable cultivation system.
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