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Pressure Pumps

Whether a strong, steamy shower is what you are after or for running the sprinklers in the garden, maybe even filling the kettle; our pressure pumps will get you perfect pressure with each turn of the tap.

With built in controllers like Daveys Torrium and Rainbank based systems and the Grundfos CME Variable speed systems, you’re sure to get the right pump for your needs.

You may also be able to save up to 40% of your daily water requirements by connecting your rainwater tanks up to toilets, washing machines, garden taps and more. With specialised kits available with filtration built in, its a great way to save water and save money both at the same time.

The Irribiz retail team can help you find the right pump as selection will depend on a number of factors including:

  • The water source
  • Proposed location of the pump
  • Maximum pressure required and
  • Flow rate or the number of taps you wish to operate at once.

Our Brands

Grundfos CME Variable Speed Pressure Pump
Grundfos CM Self Priming Booster
Rainbank Cabinet
Davey HS Water Pressure System
Davey HP Water Pressure System
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